Heart Failure

Moderate Exercise Still Standard vs High-intensity Routine in Chronic HFSMARTEX HF is first multicenter RCT to evaluate high intensity interval training in patients with HFrEF
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LV Dysfunction Persists Post-Ablation for Lone AF (VIDEO)Study questions whether reduction in AF burden after catheter ablation leads to sustained beneficial cardiac remodeling.
Three Short Anticoagulation Challenges
Predictors of Sexual Function Post-AMI in Young AdultsWhat outcomes do you expect from this study? One modifiable risk factor is actually in your hands.
Amiodarone: Top 3 Things to Know for Rate or Rhythm Control of AFAmiodarone effectively treats a wide range of tachycardias but should always be prescribed with caution. Here are 3 key points to remember.
AHA Statement on Heart Failure and PolypharmacyVIDEO: In a Medical News Minute, a topline review of the AHA's comprehensive guide to risk reduction in HF patients.
Managing Hypertension in CKD, Diabetes, and Heart Disease: It takes a VillageDrugs that improve blood pressure may have negative effects on a wide range of common comorbidities.