David Cohen, MD
ECG Challenge: It's the Level of the Block that Counts
This 83-year-old man is treated only for hypertension and says he "feels like Tarzan." The routine ECG says otherwise.
ECG Challenge: Leg Swelling, Short of Breath
A 51-year-old man is seen in ED for progressive dyspnea, near syncope on exertion, bilateral edema. What does the tracing tell you?
ECG Challenge: Subtle but Significant
What cause of persistent DOE, fatigue in this patient who is s/p CABG and maze ablation? Your ECG read?
Hypotension and Near-syncope in a 66-year-old Woman
Her history includes diabetes, ESRD, coronary disease, and complete heart block after pacemaker implantation. What's your ECG read?
Mechanical Fall
A 72-year-old woman sustains a distal radius fracture during a fall after losing her balance. She denies syncope. What's your ECG read?
Tachycardia in a 24-year-old Woman
Young woman without known medical history; past bouts of anxiety and palpitations dismissed as "panic attacks." What's your ECG read?
Incidental ECG Finding in a 77-Year-Old Man
His hernia surgery is scheduled but these results of a routine pre-op ECG could change plans. What's your ECG read?
ECG Challenge: Weak, Dry, and Sick
ECG Challenge: A 72-year-old woman has progressive weakness, dyspnea, decreased oral intake, and feels "sick." ACS or something else?
ECG Challenge: Encountering Extrasystoles
What do you suspect in a 45-year-old woman presenting with hypotension, bradycardia, and no significant medical history? ECG, here.
Pleuritic Chest Pain in a Young Woman
ECG of the Month: The 28-year-old presents with worsening midsternal chest pain x24 hours. What does the ECG tell you?