David Cohen, MD
ECG Challenge: Subtle but Significant
What cause of persistent DOE, fatigue in this patient who is s/p CABG and maze ablation? Your ECG read?
Hypotension and Near-syncope in a 66-year-old Woman
Her history includes diabetes, ESRD, coronary disease, and complete heart block after pacemaker implantation. What's your ECG read?
Mechanical Fall
A 72-year-old woman sustains a distal radius fracture during a fall after losing her balance. She denies syncope. What's your ECG read?
Tachycardia in a 24-year-old Woman
Young woman without known medical history; past bouts of anxiety and palpitations dismissed as "panic attacks." What's your ECG read?
Incidental ECG Finding in a 77-Year-Old Man
His hernia surgery is scheduled but these results of a routine pre-op ECG could change plans. What's your ECG read?
ECG Challenge: Weak, Dry, and Sick
ECG Challenge: A 72-year-old woman has progressive weakness, dyspnea, decreased oral intake, and feels "sick." ACS or something else?
ECG Challenge: Encountering Extrasystoles
What do you suspect in a 45-year-old woman presenting with hypotension, bradycardia, and no significant medical history? ECG, here.
Pleuritic Chest Pain in a Young Woman
ECG of the Month: The 28-year-old presents with worsening midsternal chest pain x24 hours. What does the ECG tell you?
ECG of the Month: Not all WCTs are VT
Examine the single lead EMS rhythm strip carefully. What is in your DD of regular wide complex tachy?
Chest Pain, Palpitations, Seizure in an Elderly Woman
Patient has a history of hypertension; symptoms present x1 day; what's your read of the ECG?