Gregory W. Rutecki, MD
Dr Rutecki is with the Cleveland Clinic National Consultation Service.
White Coat Hypertension
Is it a transient, innocuous blip in blood pressure in the presence of an MD in clinic? Or, something quite different?
RA, Hypertension, and Vascular Disease: What's True?
Our author says it's best to assume that any patient with RA is a ticking vascular time bomb. Which statements support that?
How to Manage Hypertension in End-stage Renal Disease
Hypertension in dialysis patients is very common and often poorly controlled. Here, a short quiz for the cardiology community.
Hypertension Management Complicated by Hyperkalemia: What's your Rx?
Case-based quiz: Test your clinical judgement on optimal hypertension therapy for this complex patient at risk for hyperkalemia.
Beta-blockers Plus: A Fixed-dose Combination Quiz
Are fixed-dose antihypertensives here to stay? How does the newest combination work? Try this spot-check quiz.
Quiz: When you Stop the Statin, What Next?
The lifesaving potential in a statin Rx should motivate us to try, try again if side effects lead to discontinuation.
ACEIs and ARBS: Should everybody with hypertension take them?
This short quiz on evidence for clinical use of ACEIs and ARBs in a variety of patients will make you think twice.
Hypertension Complicated by Heart Disease
What is the optimal treatment for hypertension when the patient also has Afib, CAD, or heart failure?
Can Hypertension be Treated Safely in Chronic Kidney Disease?
Quiz: The use of ACEIs and ARBs to treat hypertension in moderate-to-severe kidney disease is a murky area of medicine. Test what you know, here.
SPRINT: The Good, the Controversial, and the Balance
One nephrologist's thoughts on where in the annals of hypertension trials the SPRINT results may settle.