Gregory W. Rutecki, MD
Dr Rutecki is with the Cleveland Clinic National Consultation Service.
Hypertension, Target Organ Injury, and the Brain
Quiz: Are you current on early evidence that suggests hypertension is a risk factor for Alzheimer disease and other dementias? .
Hypertension and Target Organ Damage: The Heart and Kidney—Partners in Crime?
When both heart and kidney succumb to hypertensive damage, results are often devastating. Pickering syndrome is a case in point.
Blood Pressure and Target Organ Damage: The Heart
The spectrum of hypertensive heart disease is broad. Try these 2 questions to help sharpen your focus on points along the disease continuum.
VEGFI-induced Hypertension: How to Manage This New Syndrome?
Hypertension has been observed in every trial of antiangiogenic cancer therapy. How should it be treated?
Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Bad Combination
Caution: Approach every patient with SLE as a “bundle of cardiovascular risks” greater than the sum of its parts
Quiz: Is Beta-blockade Safe in COPD Patients?
Beta-blockers may decrease FEV1 but have shown remarkable benefits in COPD patients. True or False?
What About Masked Hypertension?
T or F: It appears that masked hypertension is often the consequence of nocturnal blood pressure elevations.
Exercise-induced Hypertension: Benign or Predictive?
T or F: A delayed decline of SBP during exercise recovery predicts severe coronary artery disease. Try the rest of this exercise challenge.
White Coat Hypertension
Is it a transient, innocuous blip in blood pressure in the presence of an MD in clinic? Or, something quite different?
RA, Hypertension, and Vascular Disease: What's True?
Our author says it's best to assume that any patient with RA is a ticking vascular time bomb. Which statements support that?