Veronica Hackethal, MD
How Dangerous is Digoxin in AF?
Results of a post-hoc analysis of the ENGAGE-AF TIMI 48 trial show the answer could depend on a heart failure Dx.
AACE/ACE Lipid Guidelines Define Extreme CVD Risk
The AACE/ACE 2017 recommendations on lipid management prescribe LDL-C targets, and go far lower than any group has ventured to date.
Metformin Linked to Decreased Mortality in CKD, CHF, and Liver Disease
While the strength of evidence for this "protective" effect is low, observers support further comparative effectiveness research in these patient groups.
Blood Pressure Paradox: Hypertension Associated with Survival in T2D and HF
Patients with comorbid T2D and heart failure may have a "distinct pathophysiology of the heart" say authors of a new study.
SGLT2 Inhibitors Improve HF, Survival in Clinical T2D Population
Findings from the REAL-CVD outcomes study reported at ACC.17 suggest class effect for cardioprotection.
FOURIER Clinical Outcomes Trial Results: Center Stage at ACC.17
Highly anticipated, the 2-year results support the promise of PCSK9 inhibitors and also highlight important questions.
VA Study Evaluates Uptake of High Intensity Statin Reccs
High-intensity Rx increased but disparities persist in patient groups and treatment settings
Underuse of VKAs: How Physician, Patient Perceptions Shape Practice
A new analysis of qualitative studies points to poor communication on multiple levels.
Moderate Exercise Still Standard vs High-intensity Routine in Chronic HF
SMARTEX HF is first multicenter RCT to evaluate high intensity interval training in patients with HFrEF
Patient Risk Factors for Carotid Revascularization
The Cardiovascular Health Study identifies patient factors that can be modified to stem risk for CEA.